Friday, December 30, 2011

the stevens kids

When Aaron and I got married, I wasn't just getting a husband. I also got a dog and a cat! Nala and Gibson are Aaron's pets (now OUR pets) and they are two of the best animals I've ever met. When we got our new camera, we took some photos of them and I think some of these really show their personalities. Even though there is animal hair everywhere and holes in the couch and some blankets now, I wouldn't trade these two for anything.

Nala is a dog who loves her comfort. Every night, Aaron tucks her into her bed and puts a blanket completely over her. She sleeps like that all night! I have never seen a dog who likes to be comfortable more than Nala. She is also very protective, athletic, and sweet.
Gibson loves to just be around people and on people at all times. He is not one of those standoff-ish cats. He likes to curl right up wherever we are and even though I have never been a cat person, I really love that about him. Gibson also loves to sit with one eye open. It is really pretty creepy but hilarious. He totally turned me around on cats!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new life, new blog

Welcome to my (OUR) new blog! I really wanted to get back into blogging again (since I was no good at keeping up with it before) and I figured I should just make a fresh start altogether. Plus, Aaron and I got an awesome new camera (a Canon Rebel t3 - our wedding gift to each other) and this seems to be the perfect place to share our pics. Thanks for stopping by and we'll be updating soon!