Friday, June 28, 2013

Nesting - Beauty Edition

"Real" nesting (like the cleaning, organizing, nursery kind) occurred really late for me compared to some people.  I didn't really start obsessively cleaning and straightening until last week.  I had a crazy work schedule this year, typically working 50-60 hours a week, and being pregnant on top of that didn't leave me much energy for getting things going in the nesting department.  Plus, I really don't like starting projects that I can't finish all in one doing, or at least within a certain, defined amount of time.  So, the nesting instinct was put off until late pregnancy for me and Aaron really took care of most of the nursery projects.

I did, however, realize that I am constantly looking and trying new beauty projects and regimens during my pregnancy.  I guess it was the type of nesting that I had the time for, and I started several new routines and fell in love with certain products/services over the past few months that I wanted to share!

I'll start with skin care...

My face was a disaster for about the first 7 months of being pregnant.  My chin was constantly broken out and I was left with several scars.  It's still not perfect, but it is definitely better than it was due to the Unblemish line from Rodan and Fields.  I have several friends who sell R&F products as consultants (Abby, Candess, and Traci), so I linked to their different websites below.

I also have been using Rodan and Fields microdermabrasion paste, which works wonders sloughing off dead skin cells and leaves my face feeling super smooth.  I LOVE this stuff!  I really like their self-tanner and lip shield as well.  I use all of my R&F products constantly - it is truly a great skin care line!

I have also been recently reintroduced to Arbonne from my friend Jamie who is a consultant.  They also have great skin care products, that are made of pure and clean ingredients and you can trust that whatever you are putting into your skin is good for it.  Lately, I have been obsessed with their Detox Spa line - especially the Re-mineralizing body lotion.  I typically would not spend this much on lotion, but it really does make the biggest different in my skin and lasts at least 24 hours.  I can tell a noticeable difference in how my skin feels when I use this lotion.

Arbonne's makeup primer is also a wonderful product - it leaves your face super smooth before you put your make up on, and helps the make up stay on longer throughout the day (which has always been an issue for me).  If you ever want to try anything from Arbonne, or host a little get together and get products for free, you can contact Jamie here.  Or order online and enter her ID number when ordering (11025199).

For both Rodan and Fields and Arbonne products, the prices listed are not always the deals that you can get, so I would suggest contacting the consultant to make sure you are getting the best deals possible.

Another new love of mine is Dry Bar.  There is one now open at Northpark Mall, and it is wonderful.  In case this is new to anyone, Dry Bar only styles your hair, and they have all different styles they can do.  They don't do cuts or color, though, just the style.  I got a blow out for two of my baby showers and was really happy with the way my hair looked and how it stayed so long.  I didn't have to wash it for 3 days!  They have fun movies playing to watch while you are getting your hair done, and it is very clean and cute on the inside.  

Dry Bar is where I was introduced to what is now my favorite hair spray.  This stuff does not leave any crunchiness at all, and really helps keep the humidity out of my hair as well.You can buy it at Dry Bar, and also on Amazon and I am sure a bunch more places.

Last, but certainly not least, my very favorite thing that I have been doing in the beauty department is getting prenatal massages from Katina Chapa.  She is located near Knox-Henderson, and she is the most fabulous thing that has happened to me in pregnancy!  I found her because I bought a Living Social deal and couldn't stop going back.  The best part is if you go back to her after the first time, the 60-minute massage is only $40.  It is a GREAT deal, and I feel so great every time I leave there.  (She does more than just prenatal too).

I really credit taking care of my skin and hair (and muscles from those massages) to at least part of the reason why I have felt great being pregnant.  Finding things that worked for me helped boost confidence and make me want to get dressed in the morning and put make up on.  If you know me, you know I always prefer to be in sweats and a ponytail, but these things have probably helped me not to end up as another victim on the "People of Walmart" website (at least I hope not)!

Thanks for reading, friends!
Until next time,


Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 Months of Poppy (aka the Home Stretch)!

About 33 Weeks (another portrait from my work bathroom!)
36 weeks!

Hello Friends,

On Monday, I will be officially 36 weeks pregnant and today we are exactly one month away from our due date.  I have to say, I have feel so good about where we are and definitely feel more ready than ever.  I know you can never be really ready, but I can tell you that the week I spent organizing that nursery was probably the best thing I could have done to relieve anxiety and stress.  It has really come a long way (mostly due to my wonderful hubs), and I was blessed with the time to do it now that I am not working nearly as much.  In fact, starting Wednesday I am really off until October!  It's a weird feeling since it's only June, but oh so great knowing I will be able to spend at least 12 weeks at home with our little one.

Also, I have been at such a lack for anything to write in this blog for a long time, but I now have a list of about ten posts that are coming up!  I am really going to try to get into the habit of posting now that I have time on my side, and hopefully can keep it up once Poppy gets here and we get settled (do you ever get settled with a baby?  I'm not sure, but I do see moms posting blogs, so now I feel better).  Anyway, you'll notice a new design that I LOVE (it's still in the works, but almost finalized), and hopefully a lot more posts.  Here is our 8-month update on Poppy:

8 Month Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Size of baby: Poppy is the size of a honeydew, supposedly.  Apparently, I was really measuring big because remember at 30 weeks how I said it was 3 pounds?  Well, at the 32 week sono, Poppy was more of a 5 and 1/2 pounder.  4 weeks later, no telling how large this guy or gal is.  We are getting another sono next week, so we'll have a better idea of what kind of "fruit" I'll actually be giving birth to.  I come from a family of huge babies, my mom gave birth to three kids over 9 pounds, so this comes at no surprise. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I honestly have no idea.  I felt like I was getting obsessed with the number and had to stop weighing myself.  I don't look at the number at the doctor's office either, but I do ask if it is on track, and they always tell me I am doing great, so hopefully they aren't lying.  Trying to nip the body image issues in the bud now - it is a daily prayer not to pass on these types of insecurities to my kids, especially if Poppy turns out to be a girl.

Maternity Clothes: Target and Gap have been my favorites!  That is true for my non-pregnant life as well.
Movement: Poppy loves to kick hard when I lay down to take a nap, take a bath, or go to bed.  It is basically such a reassurance every time I feel those movements.
Sleep: Definitely getting harder.  My Pinterest and Blog Lovin' activity has gone WAY up lately due to not being able to stay asleep.  It's really not that bad though, and I don't want to complain since my mornings are not nearly as early as they were.
What I miss: Happy Hour.  Tying my own shoes.  Clear skin.  Margaritas. Not running out of breath when I am simply talking.  Nike shorts.  Hanky Pankies.  Camp Gladiator.

Symptoms: Heartburn, lack of breath at times (especially when talking for awhile), not so good sleeping.  The worst is probably the amount of crying that goes on somedays over NOTHING!  I seriously had a sobbing fit right in the middle of church last week just singing!  I get overwhelmed so easily, but it's never about a bad thing or stress - it is just hormonal I guess!  I am SO blessed with very little swelling, great doctor's visits, low blood pressure, and energy.

Nursery Progress:  The nursery is all set up and so cute!  I love it so much, and Aaron does too.  I catch him going in there just to peek at it sometimes. :)  The last thing we need to do is put stuff up on the walls, and as soon as that is done, I promise I am posting pics.  It is organized though, clothes and blankets washed, bedding set up, and ready to go.  It is nothing super amazing, like the ones you see on Pinterest done by professionals, but it is perfect to us and it makes me very happy.

Life savers lately:  The snoogle body pillow!  Sure, it seems ridiculous, but I do love sleeping with this thing!  My reef flip flops.  Lemonade.  Luna bars.  Air conditioning.

We are SO looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how this whole thing goes down.  I can't believe how incredibly close we are to meeting our little one, knowing it's gender, and calling it by name.  I could cry just thinking about it.  Better stop typing or I actually will begin crying and I was really going to try to hold it together today.  Poor Aaron.  

Be back soon!  Becky