Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kim's baby shower

Well, it's been exactly a month since I have updated this blog.  You'd think I would have time since it's summer, and the truth is I do, but I was being pretty lazy about it.  I'm back now.

On July 1, we threw a baby shower for Aaron's sister Kim.  She is due in August - and we are so excited to be meeting our first niece so soon!  We are very blessed to have our first nephew and niece born in the same summer - it's been really fun.  The shower's theme was Dr. Seuss, which luckily has tons of ideas on Pinterest, Etsy, and blogs that it was really pretty easy to put together.  The idea was that we would think of foods to match books and set up the books on the food table.  It really turned out cute, and we were so happy to celebrate Brinley Elizabeth's upcoming arrival. 

Disclaimer:  I really can't take credit for any of the ideas on here - I copied basically everything, so it's really only half creative. ha!  And let me just say that Etsy is the BEST for those of us who know nothing about graphic design.  The invitations came in PDF format, with all these extra printables that we could use.  Easy!

Oh, The Places You'll Go cookies (really easy to make - and fun!)

Popcorn for Hop on Pop (was trying to tie pink into the shower somehow)

Not a great pic, but "Thing 1 and Thing 2" cupcakes and "Truffula Tree" punch (totally made that up to incorporate The Lorax)
Green Eggs and Ham
Ribbon topiaries for the table decor
And there it is!  I have no people pictures because Aaron was taking pictures with Kim's camera, and I thought it was mine, so these are just the details.  It was a great shower, and now we are just waiting on that little girl to arrive!