Monday, September 23, 2013

a great gift idea

Recently, my mom and I discovered what we think is the perfect hostess gift.  Actually, it is a great gift for any occasion, and has really been my "go-to" lately for different events.  I just wanted to pass this little gem along in case anyone out there was looking for a great gift for a great price.

These notecards are from Papyrus.  You can get these in any pattern and color that you choose - and the best part is, they print them right then and there for you! You can do a monogram, first and last name, or anything you really want to say.  And the best part is, they are only $20 for 20 cards!

My favorites are the chalkboard card and the brand new one for this month - it is so cute and colorful!  I can't find it on the website, but if you go by a Papyrus store (there is one in Northpark Mall), you can see the card of the month on display, plus many others.  If you don't like the ones that they displayed, they will do the same design in any color for you.

I ordered Hank these cards for his thank you notes (that he has conveniently asked me to write and I am WAY behind). Sorry the pic is not great quality.

Anyway, I think these cards are perfect for hostesses, new babies, weddings or showers, housewarming, or just because.  $20 for 20 cards is a steal for such a great gift!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hank at 2 months

 Your chunky thighs are to die for!

My Sweet Hank,

You have had such a great month!  Now that we are out of the true newborn stage, we've really hit a sweet spot.  You are really the best baby - so happy and easy - and I am so proud of you!

You have grown a ton over the last month.  Today, we went in for your two month check-up and you were 13 pounds even, at the 70th percentile, and your length was 23 3/4 inches long at the 80th percentile.  Your head circumference was 75th percentile, so you are right on track in every measurement and we were so proud of you!  You are officially wearing 3-6 month clothes (except pants and shorts are still 3 month size).  You are such a good sleeper - I am incredibly happy with you in this department.  Three times this week you slept 8 hours straight!!  But, even when you wake up around 2 or 3 am, you just eat and go right back to sleep - truly knowing what is day and what is night.  I love you for this!!

You are happiest when your dad is playing with you.  It is so funny to see your face light up with the biggest smile ever when Dad tickles you or plays peek-a-boo.  It is easy to see how much you love him, and he is definitely the best at getting you to smile.  He even gets a good chuckle out of you sometimes, and that is the most wonderful sound in the world to us.

 I know you love me too, Hankster.  When someone else is holding you, but you hear my voice in the room, you always turn to look my way.  You are so comforted when I pick you up in the middle of the night to feed you, and it is my biggest joy when you literally hug my neck when I'm holding you. You are really starting to "talk" to me in response when I am talking to you, and I just love it!

Your favorite place to be lately is your swing.  One day when I put you in there awake, I left the room and came back to find you laughing at yourself in the mirror.  I don't know what tickled you so much, but ever since then, you are always looking up at that mirror and smiling.  You love the swing awake and you love it asleep.  We are VERY thankful for that swing - mom gets to take showers and get ready on a much more consistent basis now.
 This crooked smile just slays me every time, Hankster.  You have so many funny facial expressions - you make everyone laugh with your judgmental looks.  One day at the grocery store, a lady thought you didn't like her because you were looking at her like she was crazy!  I call it your "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis" face.  And that is a reference that you will never even know of in your lifetime, but oh well!

You also still love to lay down on the changing table.  You do most of your laughing in that spot.  Right now, you think it is hilarious when I take off your clothes or diaper to change you.  We just sit and play there all the time because it makes you so happy.

 The things you love right now: Daddy, the swing and the mirror above it, the changing table, being swaddled in the miracle blanket, staring at your best friend the fan, peek-a-boo, and your mobile (and any soft music playing).

The things you don't so much love right now: loud, sudden noises (like Mom's sneezes or Nala barking), the nose sucker, dirty diapers, being hungry (no one does), getting shots (yowzers you can get loud), and when you go awhile without being held.

We are so in LOVE with you, little man.  We pray big things for you every day, but most importantly that you grow up to know Jesus.  Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to your daddy and me (besides each other).

Love, Mom

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 smiles

It's been a great week in our house!  We switched over to the miracle blanket, per a friend's advice, and haven't slept less than 6 hours straight at night since!  Wednesday night, Hank slept a full 8 hours before waking up.  I feel like a new person from these few nights of better sleep - it's been a fun week!  Here are some other highlights from our week...

1. Hank got his ear molds and tape off for good this week!  No more plastic surgeon visits or sponge baths for this guy.  I was very happy to put this phase behind us - though, I will say it did go by fast. I took this selfie at the doctor's office since Aaron was out of town (I send him lots of pictures when he's gone) and I was super excited.

2. Catherine, one of my best friends from high school came in town from California with her little boy Amos.  I got to meet him when he was six weeks old, and she got to meet Hank when he was six weeks old!  These two were so cute together, and I can't believe how much Amos had grown.  We also got to go to JG's with Steph and it was really fun for us all to hang out with our sons.  Plus, I needed a trip to that skinny mirror.  It is truly the best mirror in Dallas.  Ok - that was random, but if you are having an off day, just go check it out.

3. I've been doing a little online shopping lately, trying to stock up a bit for when I go back to work and can't wear stretchy maternity pants.  Boo!  Anyway, there is this great blog Pinterest Told Me To that I have discovered recently.  The writer lives in the DFW area and basically finds outfits she loves on Pinterest and recreates them.  She gives great tips and the heads up on sales.  I have gotten a few of her "must have items" that were on mega sale at Nordstrom this week - her must have shirt by Pleione and this Kut from the Kloth white denim jacket.  Love both - super comfy and great for work!

4. Hank had a small sip and see this weekend and it had a cute bow tie "little man" theme.  He looked adorable in this Janie and Jack outfit, and we got a good family picture in!   It was a blast, and I will blog more about the insanely cute details of the party next week.

 5. Finally, saving the best for last, FOOTBALL season started!!  This is such an awesome time of year with football beginning and baseball still going on.  Hank looked adorable in his new football hat from Aunt Jordan and Uncle Brian, and was excited to hear me sing "The Eyes of Texas" to him over and over.  Hook em Horns!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st month - top ten baby products

It is kind of hard to know what to expect that you'll need when you have a baby for the first time.  You have people telling you all kinds of different things on what to get and what not to get for your baby, and it can be really difficult to decide what is right for your baby, especially since you get all this stuff before they're even here.  It is truly just a figure it out as you go kind of job.  These are the things that I could not have done without this month - well, that's probably an exaggeration.  These are the top ten things that I am very glad we had on hand for Henry's first month of life (a very delayed post)!  They are listed in no particular order.

I got the Medela Pump In Style Advanced because it had great reviews, especially for those moms who went back to work.  It works really well and has a great carrying case, so it is super portable.  I didn't realize how soon I would need to start pumping, and this has really come in handy.  I would definitely recommend getting the hands-free bra - that is a lifesaver.  And buy extra pump parts - you are constantly washing them anyway, but the extra parts definitely make it easier on busy days.  One bonus is that Dr. Brown's bottles fit right onto the pump parts, which is convenient for bottle making.

My Brestfriend is the breastfeeding pillow that I have used far more often than the Boppy.  I like the Boppy and think it is cuter, but this one is much more useful to me.  It stays flat like a shelf and you can strap it on so it doesn't come apart from you while you are trying to feed a squirming infant.  I really think this is a must have for breastfeeding!  Funny name, but great item!

This Pottery Barn rocking chair was super expensive, I know, but I have spent more time in it than anywhere else in our house since Hank was born.  It is so comfortable, and I love the way it fits into our nursery.
I absolutely cherish my time rocking my sweet boy to sleep.
This swing is on loan to us from my sister-in-law, and it has been a lifesaver!  Hank loves it and takes all his naps in this swing.  It can move from side-to-side, or front-to-back, plays music (including the Lake Highlands fight song, oddly enough), and has a mirror and toys hanging down for the baby to stare at.  It's a great napping swing for early on!

This isn't an item, but it sure was a lifesaver for us!  This is a really easy way to set up a meal calendar for someone when they have a baby.  Those first few weeks, I have never wanted to cook less.  (Did that make sense)?  Anyway,  we have been so blessed to have Mallory set this up for us and so many friends and family members come by and bring us dinner.  Plus, they all got to meet Hank, so it was a win-win!  This is a great thing for new parents!

These Gerber burp cloths are great for cleaning up messy eaters.  We go through anywhere between 3-6 a day.  My friend Gretchen custom makes and monograms these as well - they are a great gift idea - let me know if you want her info!

 These are awesome - everyone suggests getting them, and even the Royal Baby had one on in his big debut!  They are great for swaddling, covering up, rolling up for a head prop while breastfeeding, etc.  Get plenty of these - you will love them!  We go through about 2-3 a day.

Loves being wrapped up in these blankets.

We were introduced to the Halo sleepsacks in the hospital since that is what they used to swaddle.  It is a really easy way to swaddle your infant and Hank didn't break out of them at all when he was tiny.  It zips from the top down which is convenient for late night diaper changes too.  I had to sneak a Hank pic in there - I didn't always swaddle his arms in because he likes them up there like he's posing. 
OK, Baby Gap onesies might not be a necessity but they are the cutest!  I love these and Gap always has a great sale or coupon to use.  We love the Carter's brand also, but before we had Hank and didn't know he was a boy, these Gap onesies were all I bought because they have lots of gender-neutral choices.  They are comfy and hold up well being washed a bunch.
Hank has three aunts who he loves very much!

This is something I hadn't really heard of until my mom got it for us.  My nephew has one too, and I have to say that it provides me with SUCH a peace of mind now that Hank is sleeping for longer periods of time.  It has an alarm that will go off if there is no movement in the crib, which tells you if the baby is no longer breathing. I tried to be the not-nervous-about-the-baby-breathing mom, but that didn't work out so well.  Now, I can rest easy when he's sleeping!  We used this in the pack-and-play, and now in the crib!

I'll be back for my top month two items in a few weeks - there are some different things we've been using as he grows!