Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Months of Poppy

Hello Friends,

I seriously cannot believe how long it's been since I have blogged.  Apparently, this is a very busy time of year working in an elementary school - who knew! Ha!  But, it actually has helped time just fly by lately, and I am in disbelief that I am giving an update on being 30 weeks pregnant.  The last update I did was at 4 months (19 weeks), and I am just sitting here laughing at my tiny little bump from back in the day.  Oh my goodness, I have changed, and I know I haven't even seen anything yet!

We have had a ton going on lately - and hopefully I will squeeze out some more blog posts soon.  For now, I really just wanted to document this month so I could remember it later.

I like to call this..."My How Things Have Changed.  Portraits From my Work Bathroom."
7 Month Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of baby: Poppy is the size of a cucumber, about 16 inches long and 3 pounds.  I'm measuring big, but my doctor's office doesn't like to stress me out with "facts and figures", so I'm not really sure exactly how big I am measuring.  PS - I LOVE this about my doctor!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained about 20 pounds.  Not the best, not the worst.  I am actually not heartbroken about this at all - I feel like I could have gained a lot more at this point, so I am happy with this number.  We'll see how it goes in the next few weeks, though, because I am getting hungrier and hungrier by the day.
Maternity Clothes: Duh. My favorite right now are Target maxi dresses.  Cool, comfy, and cheap!
Gender: We are dying to know!!  The 32 week sonogram that we have coming up is going to be tempting, but we are sticking with the surprise.  I have had many women tell me they think it's a girl too, based on the way I am carrying Poppy.  It's more of a wide bump than a basketball, but I rock it proudly.
Movement: I started really feeling Poppy's movements at week 20, and in the last ten weeks, not a day has gone by that I didn't feel him/her moving.  We apparently have a very active child on our hands, which I am so thankful for at every kick and punch.  Poppy especially moves after I have eaten or when I'm taking a bath.
Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ for the most part.  I am getting hot in my sleep a lot, and frequent bathroom breaks are necessary, but nothing to complain about.
What I miss: Happy Hour.  Tying my own shoes.  Clear skin.

Nursery Progress:  After ten weeks, the closet renovation is complete!  The walls are painted a really pretty shade of gray, a cute light fixture installed, and the crib is all set up (without bedding, etc).  Aaron's Mother's Day gift to me was getting all of that done, and he did an AMAZING job on the room.  I am seriously in awe of his handiwork.  Best gift ever!  Pictures of the progress will be posted on here soon, I hope!
The Dad: Aaron is getting really excited about Poppy too.  He has been super supportive, going to a breastfeeding class with me, and never complaining about tying my shoes.  What I look forward to most is seeing him holding and loving our little one.  He is going to be the best dad.

We are blessed!!