Monday, July 29, 2013

Hank's Newborn Photos

Both of our desktop backgrounds - oh how I love this one.
Our incredible wedding photographer, Carter Rose from F8 Studio, came over last Saturday to take Henry's newborn photos.  We had to book him at the last minute for a few reasons - one, mom didn't get on the ball and figure it out ahead of time, and two, Henry had to get little earmuffs put on his ears at 6 days old and I vainly didn't want them in the pictures (more on that later - totally a minor deal in the grand scheme of things).  Carter doesn't shoot a ton of newborn photos, so we were really grateful that he could come over at the last minute to do these for us.  We think they turned out fantastic and really captured Hank's little personality.  We love Carter!  These are a few of our favorites.  Warning - motherhood has made me the cheesiest and sappiest person alive!

 This is his little personality exactly.  Such a sweet boy!

 Love his little baby toes!

 I hope I never forget what it's like just to hold him and snuggle while he sleeps.  It is my very favorite thing in this whole world.

 Always has his hands by his face.  He was even born that way (which didn't make delivery any easier, Hank - you owe me one)!

 Hank Stevens - our future Rangers second baseman.  Doesn't his name just sound like a baseball player?  This is one of my favorites because he is sitting in my catcher's mitt and is holding one of Aaron's game balls from his childhood.  Plus, I just love his smushed-up face.

 By far, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I realize that I am super biased.

 My sister ordered his elephant hat on Etsy last Thanksgiving - the day our families found out we were pregnant.  I had told everyone that we wanted an elephant theme in the nursery.

 Love this shot of the three of us and his nursery in the background.

 Had to get a Longhorn pic.  Hook em!

 He has such beautiful hair. And amazing arm rolls.

These two guys are my absolute everything.  I just can't get enough of either of them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Introducing Henry Thomas

We are so proud to announce that our little BOY Henry Thomas "Hank" has made his way into the world.

He was born at 7:03 pm on Sunday, July 14.

He weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long.

Hank is the absolute love of our lives and even though he is only 11 days old, I already can't even imagine our lives without him.

Our little man brings us so much joy and laughter (and might I say a few tears too).

Thanks to everyone for all of the love and prayers.  We are so blessed and amazed at God's creation and that he would give us this incredible gift.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poppy's Nursery!

 Mal and Jordan made this cute banner for my baby shower.  I love it on the door!

As we count down the days until Poppy gets here (not that we know how many days that is - let it be today!), we fall more and more in love with our baby's nursery.  It is truly the best room in our house, certainly the one we have spent the most time and energy into decorating.  I love it in there and even though it is finished and organized, I just like to go in and spend time.  All we need is our baby (and the rocking chair which is hopefully coming in soon)!

Here is a little nursery tour.
View from the door.  Light fixture from Pottery Barn kids.

 View from the opposite corner.

 And another corner view.  Plus a view of the amazing closets that Aaron built.  That used to be all one closet, and he made it into a closet with a door on the left and built in's on the right.  Baskets from Target.  Shelves from Container Store.

 Changing table.  I LOVE how our dresser and "changing table" turned out.  They were my old bedroom furniture that Aaron painted white and I got the new knobs at World Market.  We were so happy not to have to buy a bunch of new furniture, since this will all be useful down the road too.  Changing table pad from Pottery Barn kids, lamps from Target.

 Just a little detail that I love - I found this elephant bowl at World Market too.

 Little basket for the changing table - ready to go!

 Swaddle blankets washed and folded - just need a baby to swaddle up!

 Beautiful quilt that Nana (Aaron's sweet mom) made for us!

 Our crib, bedding, and mobile are all from Pottery Barn kids.  LOVE this Taylor bedding.  The white blanket was made by my best friend Sharon...I absolutely love it!  The pictures were purchased from Etsy and we found the frames at IKEA.

 Aaron IKEA-hacked this little side table from two IKEA lack side tables.  It is right next to where the rocking chair is going as soon as it gets here.  Seriously - such an awesome DIY.  Those tables are $7.99 each, so we got a great side table for $16!

 These cute shelves are also from IKEA.  Rocker will be right below these shelves.

 The frames and colorful animal prints - IKEA, of course!

 The rug is one of my favorite parts of the room.  It is also from Pottery Barn kids and matches the bedding, but it was discontinued and sold completely out back in December.  I had been so sad to not get it and was looking at other rugs online, but my mom surprised me and actually got it for me right when she knew I was pregnant!  Love this rug!

Paint color - Shaken Not Stirred from Valspar. It was our perfect shade of gray!

Well there it is!  I can't wait to put a little baby in there one day VERY soon!  11 days until the due date!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stella and Dot - Summer Sample Sale!

Finally!  I got my retired pieces together, photographed, and ready to sell!  The last sample sale went so well on the blog, so I decided to give this another go to get ready for the new Fall line that comes out in just a few weeks. Here are the basics of the sample sale:
  • I take cash or paypal for all purchases.  
  • If you would like to purchase something, just email me or comment below and I will hold that piece for you.  That is also when I will send you the Paypal address.
  • Jewelry is first come, first serve and I will update the pictures frequently to let you know what has sold out already.
  • If you spend over $60, shipping is free!  (or if I know you and can just deliver your piece)
  • If you do not spend $60 and live out of town, shipping is $5 added to the total.
  • All pieces have been worn, but all are in great shape.  Prices are significantly lower than what they are currently sold for because they have been used as samples.  If you would like any of these pieces new, just let me know and if they are not sold out on the Stella and Dot website, I can order that for you too.
  • If you have any questions about these pieces, please let me know!  I have linked each item to the website so you can see more details about it.  If it is sold out online, there is no link.
Here we go!

 Both of these Bryant Park scarves are sold out.  $59 originally.
They are so cute, very large and go with so many outfits!  I love these!

 Currently $89.  Such a great statement bracelet - I LOVE this one!

 Currently $49.  Very cute by itself or added to a stack of bracelets.
 Currently $59.25.  Hard one for me to part with - LOVE this bracelet and I get tons of compliments on it. 

 Currently $44.  Nice, big statement earrings, and very light weight.

 Sold out online.  Originally $39.  Love the purple!

 Sold out online.  Originally $24.  Cute, lightweight earrings.

 Sold out online.  Originally $39.

 Currently $21.75.  I LOVE these earrings and I'm so sad to see them go.  They are my staple earrings in the summer because of the cute coral shape - I just love these!

 These actually retired awhile ago, but I had a hard time parting with them.  They are so cute and fancy.
Originally $29.  SOLD!!

 Currently $34.  Very cute, simple studs that go with everything.  SOLD!!

 Currently $9.50 online.  I didn't realize they were so cheap, so I will sell mine for $5!!

 Currently $24.  Cute, especially for the Longhorn fan in your life.

 Sold out online, originally $34.  See silver ball studs above for details.  SOLD!!

Currently $59.  This necklace is awesome - it can double or triple layer for different looks.  Great statement, versatile piece.

 Currently $89.  This is the only piece I am selling that is not retired, but I need some room for new items.  Love it - very cute rose gold statement necklace. 

 Currently $36.75.  One of my most sold items - very dainty, love the purple.  You can also buy in green for $49, which is not discontinued.

 Currently $34.50 online.  Love this long, layering necklace.  Looks great paired with the La Folie listed above for a shorter and longer layered look.

 Currently $44. If you are into the snake trend, this is an awesome necklace - very petite, and the rose gold is so pretty.

 Currently $44.25.  LOVE this rose gold ring!  I will have trouble parting with this one!
(One size fits all - 5-9).

Currently $54.  Statement ring, looks great and is barely worn.
(One size fits all - 5-9).