Friday, January 10, 2014



It has been entirely too long since I have last blogged!  Hank was a mere three months old, and now we are pushing six (and my goodness hopefully teeth)!  Time sure flies these days, and I am soaking in every moment with my precious half-year old little boy.  I am beginning to realize how truly I now feel the words that "babies don't keep."

There have been several reasons for this, and for awhile, I actually thought I was going to shut the blog down.  Something in me felt weird all of a sudden posting so much information on my little boy...and in a way, I felt like I was bragging about him.  Like I was saying, "Come on over and see how amazing my life is!"  I truly don't think that when I read other people's blogs, but if I was being completely honest about it when I searched my own heart, I know that is at least partly true.  I admittedly sometimes want to paint a picture for anyone reading that we have some kind of perfect life.  I want people to tell me how cute my baby is.  Duh. Who doesn't want that?  But I also needed to have self-check to make sure that my heart was in the right place.
Christmas 2013. Those cheeks.
Instead of shutting down, I feel like God is calling me to take this blog in a new direction this year.  After I had Hank, so many of my friends also had babies.  And one of my biggest joys was when a friend would text or call me with a question or just to vent about something related to pregnancy or motherhood.  I feel like one of the greatest ways that I can serve other moms is just to be an encouragement to them.  I don't have all (or really any) great answers, but I love helping other mamas feel encouraged and confident and hopeful in their new roles.  I always felt like a million dollars after talking through things with my other mama friends (thank you to the amazing friends who saw me through those first few months and quitting breastfeeding and going back to work).  That is something that I would love to give back.  Life is not perfect - motherhood is messy over here.  I am learning that as I encourage others, I am realizing the need to offer myself a lot of grace as well.
Loves of my life.
So, I won't be doing as many updates on Hank's progress and growth (I am trying to remember to email him my special letters and things I want him to know), I am going to be writing this blog mainly about motherhood - funny stories, lessons I've learned, and personal stories that might be an encouragement to others.  I am also currently trying to lose weight and have been following the Weight Watchers plan (for the millionth time), so I will be posting recipes and little progress updates on that along the way.  There will still be family pictures and life updates occasionally, but what I really feel that God is leading me to is a spot where I can simply be myself and hopefully encourage others who might be walking through the same journey.  Oh, and I will also still be doing some Stella and Dot sample sales because this is really the best way for me to get that out!

Thanks so much for listening, and my next post will be very soon.  It will most likely be about quitting breastfeeding, which is the area where I still personally need the most encouragement and grace, despite it being three months since we stopped.  Love you all!


PS - Duh, there are Hank pics in here because I just can't help it. :)  Don't feel obligated to tell me he's cute just because I said that!